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New high speed and replacement for fluorescent illuminations

22 Jun 2015

US manufacturer Smart Vision Lights (SVL) has developed new high speed strobe lights in addition to LED based modules to replace fluorescent illumination methods for machine vision. The new products are now available from STEMMER IMAGING.

The XR256 high speed strobe light is capable of up to 5000 strobes per second and can be pulse initiated or pulse following for added versatility. The XR256 series of LED lights can store electrical energy to pulse the LEDs. These strobe lights supply a pulsed energy of 2000 Watts when the LEDs are active and a pulsed LED die current of 180 Amps, supplied by 144 x 2 mm² high power LED dies, resulting in a 288 mm² active area. For comparison a standard LED light for machine vision has on average 6 to 12 mm² of LED die area running at 6 to 12 Watts. Temperature monitoring of the LED die is integrated in the XR256 series, ensuring that the light will shut down if the LEDs exceed the maximum running temperature of 80 °C at the die. This offers higher reliability to the user by reducing the risk of premature failure of the lights due to overheating.

Smart Vision Lights LHF300 series of bar lights was designed as a direct LED replacement for standard fluorescent lighting and provides a homogeneous output. The plug & play design of the direct-connect linear light series gives users tremendous flexibility without having to worry about additional wiring. The LHF300 array utilises 30 high intensity LEDs and features a diffuse lens cover designed to disperse the light in the same way as a fluorescent light of equivalent length and provides an even distribution. Similar to other models from Smart Vision Lights, the LHF300 series is also available as an overdrive version. With an M12 connector the -M12 version offers the possibility of connecting the light to a power supply using a standard 5PM12-10 cable. The -LPI versions of the LHF series provide additional polarising filters that help avoid reflections, giving more homogeneous images and thus improving the reliability of inspection processes.

Smart Vision Lights XR256

High speed LED strobe light for up to 5000 strobes per second without the need for an external controller.

Smart Vision Lights LHF300

LED modules for very homogenous light, suitable as replacement for fluorescent illumination. The Direct Connect Technology allows the connection of several units.