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New edition: The Imaging & Vision Handbook

8 Dec 2015

The updated print version of STEMMER IMAGING‘s vision handbook 2016/17 will be available at the end of January 2016. Digital versions in English and German will be available shortly.

The new edition of STEMMMER IMAGING’s vision handbook 2016/17, which covers numerous basic topics from all areas of imaging and machine vison on around 450 pages, will be available at the end of January 2016. The first two editions of the reference guide were highly praised by all users of this technology and could be at your fingertips in your office, too.

In recent months, STEMMER IMAGING has put a great deal of effort into updating the content with new technologies from the fields of illumination, optics, cameras, acquisition, software, cabling, systems and accessories. Just as in the previous edition, around one third of the content explains basic technologies supported with numerous graphics illustrating complex subjects in a very comprehensible way.

The handbook also focusses on short portraits of STEMMER IMAGING’s major suppliers and their product portfolios with important technical data. Clearly structured tables provide the details necessary for making informed selections of the optimum components for solving imaging tasks. In addition to the printed handbook a digital version will be available shortly.