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ThreeSense system for high-level product testing ... April fools!

1 Apr 2016

Under conditions of the strictest secrecy, STEMMER IMAGING has developed the new ThreeSense system. In additon to visual characteristics, the revolutionary vision system is able to check even olfactory and sensory characteristics of various materials. Organoleptic tests are a thing of the past now.

Organoleptic analysis is used to evaluate materials based on their sensory properties such as smell, taste, appearance and colour by a human inspector. Thus, the result depends on the inspector’s experience, which is highly subjective and does not provide reliable repeatability. This may cause fatal consequences, particularly in food inspection, for example when the maturity level of soft cheeses such as Camembert is misjudged based on its haptics.

STEMMER IMAGING’s revolutionary ThreeSense system, however, offers highly reliable, objective and fully repeatable testing: an individually selectable RGB camera which is easy to mount on included tripod, is used for the visual testing. Please specify your individual colour preference in your order: red (R), green (G) or blue (B). A corresponding housing with metallic finish is available at a surcharge.

The TrueTouch data glove enables the inspection of sensory product characteristics. Individual calibration allows perfect adaption according to the inspector’s individual touch behaviour and guarantees highly reliable and repeatable results. Needless to say, the TrueTouch data glove is also available for left-handed users. The Premium version includes a robotic arm which completely replaces the human inspector and saves you personnel costs.

The TrueSmell suction nozzles with camera interfacing have been particularly developed for olfactory testing and allow the exact distinction of smells by means of hyperspectral analysis based on absolutely objective criteria.


Incoming data is synchronised with the CVB AllSense plugin and is subsequently evaluated by a high-speed computer using the CVB NonSense software tool. The software will be available for download on our website shortly.


The Portable Cyclo Image Station add-on enables flexible transportation of the system and is available at a surcharge upon request.

The system is completed by our cables which are hand-rolled with love by our in-house cable design service. The new fashionable spring colours perfectly match the camera housings.

A limited edition of the ThreeSense system is available in all well-known STEMMER IMAGING stores on the 1st of April 2016 only.