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Award winning technologies supplied by STEMMER IMAGING

10 May 2016

STEMMER IMAGING and Perception Park have been honoured with a Vision Systems Design Platinum-level award for their innovative hyperspectral imaging systems for industrial applications. In addition, other STEMMER IMAGING partners also won prizes for their innovations.

For the second year in a row, Vision Systems Design held its Innovators Awards program, which celebrates the disparate and innovative technologies, products, and systems found in the machine vision and image processing industry.

Peter Stiefenhöfer, Marketing and PR Manager at STEMMER IMAGING
Peter Stiefenhöfer,
Marketing and PR Manager,

It is a great honour for us to receive the Platium-level award for the exciting hyperspectral imaging systems we have created in close cooperation with our partner Perception Park. Congratulations to our partners and suppliers that have also been awarded accolades by Vision Systems Design. The number of award winning products that are available from STEMMER IMAGING prove that machine vision users can be confident of an innovative partner when choosing STEMMER IMAGING as their machine vision products, systems and service provider."

Platinum level awards

STEMMER IMAGING and Perception Park had submitted their innovative hyperspectral imaging systems for industrial applications based on Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) technology. A generic, configurable data processing platform provides encapsulated scientific methods of hyperspectral analysis intuitively accessible to everyone. These systems are able to identify the unique „fingerprints“ of objects based on their chemical and molecular properties. This submission, reviewed by an expert panel of third-party judges, won a prize in the highest category, the Platinum level.

Further STEMMER IMAGING partners have been honoured with awards for their innovative technology developments. Smart Vision Lights also won a Platinum award for their Line High Power (LHP) series of LED lights for line scan imaging applications. LHP is the first commercial machine vision LED light to use silicone optics. It offers intensity levels of greater than 5 Million Lux with water cooling.

Gold level awards

  • CCS for their structured light projector Pattern Blazer, an LED fixed-pattern projector for structured lighting in 3D machine vision. It uses an LED source and Four Thirds DSLR optics and can be equipped with any LED wavelength from the UVA to the NIR.

  • Gardasoft Vision for Triniti CL camera, light and lens control. With the addition of lens controllers to the Gardasoft Triniti intelligent lighting platform, developers can configure, program and monitor cameras, lighting and lenses - all from within one common environment.

  • LMI Technologies for the Gocator 3109 smart snapshot sensor. This industrial, smart fringe projection sensor provides full-field 3D acquisition with a scan rate of 5 Hz and inspection for factory automation applications, featuring a footprint of 4 x 100 x 155 mm³.

  • Opto Engineering for their CORE series of telecentric lenses and illuminators. They are up to 70 % smaller in height than other solutions due to their design, which is patent-pending internationally. They operate in extremely reduced space, allowing users to build compact measurement machines with lower expenses for production, transportation and storage.

  • Optotune’s electrically focus tunable lens EL-16-40-TC that features a 16 mm clear aperture and is based on an elastic polymer membrane which conceals an optical fluid. A voice coil actuator pushes or pulls the membrane to pump liquid into the centre to deflect the lens to be convex or concave.

  • Teledyne DALSA for their TurboDrive data encoding technology that lets GigE Vision cameras overcome current bandwidth limitations – increasing throughput by as much as 150 %, retaining 100 % of image data.

Silver level awards

  • Metaphase Technologies’ Eclipser has been honoured with a Silver-level award. Eclipser is a dark field LED line light for improved detection of imperfections and defects in optically clear materials that previously could not be seen with traditional line scan illumination techniques. It uses strategically positioned LEDs with innovative optics to highlight sub-pixel defects such as gels, unmelts, stones and contaminants.

Bronze level awards

  • Z-LASER Optoelektronik received an Bronze-level award for their robot guided opto-mechanical assembly and alignment process for machine vision laser systems that uses a 14-axis robotic system to align laser diode and optical components with an alignment accuracy of up to 200 nm.