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High speed SWIR hyperspectral cameras

22 Sep 2016

Vision 2016 | Stuttgart | Stand E52 in Hall 1 | 8 - 10 November 2016

With uniform sensitivity in the short wave infrared (SWIR) spectrum from 900 – 1700 nm, high frame rates and small pixel size, the Goldeye G-033 cameras from Allied Vision are ideally suited to hyperspectral imaging applications.

With the addition of a spectrograph to separate the wavelengths reaching the camera, the Goldeye G-033 becomes a powerful hyperspectral imager. The 900 – 1700 nm region of the spectrum is particularly important for hyperspectral imaging since this is where many of the unique absorption bands occur that feature in the ‘chemical footprint’ of organic materials.

The Goldeye G-033 cameras feature a VGA (640 x 512 pixel) high sensitivity InGaAs sensor. The sensor benefits from active thermoelectric cooling to reduce noise and enable a constant image quality. Goldeye cameras can be operated at very high frame rates (up to 301 fps at full resolution in 12-bit mode) and capture outstanding low-noise images.

Available in GigE or CameraLink (CL) versions, Goldeye cameras have the same compact and ruggedized housing (55 mm x 55 mm x 78 mm) and feature set. This includes non uniformity correction and pixel defect and background correction for the sensor as well as camera features such as automatic exposure time control and trigger control. Comprehensive I/O control options simplify the connection to image processing software such as the Perception Studio ‘colour chemical imaging’ software from Perception Park for hyperspectral imaging.

CL versions have a standardised Camera Link interface including GenCP support and GigE versions feature a standardised GigE Vision interface including Power over Ethernet. In addition, both model types offer a choice of lens mounts (C, F, M42), simplified filter integration, as well as multiple camera mounting options to ease the system integration.

Allied Vision Goldeye

The compact cameras with their active thermo electric cooling sensors provide low-noise image quality, even with very long exposure times. Comprehensive I/O control and a particularly robust housing predestine the Goldeye series for use in industrial applications.