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Temperature measurement fully integrated into automated inspection processes

21 Feb 2017

STEMMER IMAGING has developed a subroutine for the Sherlock machine vision environment that allows fully calibrated temperature measurements from an LWIR camera to be seamlessly included in machine vision measurements.

Real time non-contact temperature measurement is an important monitoring and control tool in a number of different industries such as:
Automotive, Food, Electronics, Steel, Glass, Rail, Packaging.

Now it is possible to easily incorporate such measurements into a vision inspection system using the Sherlock machine vision platform from Teledyne DALSA. This means that neither special interfacing software nor hardware is required. This reduces system complexity and cost.

Sherlock provides a versatile, scalable environment for use on PC-based vision systems, Boa smart cameras and the Vision Appliance multi-camera platform range. Sherlock can be used with a large variety of cameras from different manufacturers since hardware independent image acquisition can be provided through STEMMER IMAGING’s Common Vision Blox (CVB) imaging toolkit.

The CVB plug-in for temperature measurement further adds to Sherlock’s rich suite of proven vision tools and advanced algorithms. These include search (pattern finding), ID readers, character readers (OCR), measurement and counting tools, contour tools, texture and colour classifiers. When used with the Xenics Serval-640 LWIR GigE camera, temperature measurements can be made from -20˚C to +400˚C (tested using a blackbody radiator) with the camera providing an imaging resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Typical temperature measurement applications include:

  • Temperature of food products during production
  • Solar cell production
  • PCB testing
  • Heated vehicle windscreen and seat inspection
  • Heat treatment of automotive components
  • Hot rolling of steel
  • Control of layer deposition in semiconductors
  • Mould inspection ... and many more.

With Sherlock available across so many hardware platforms, developers and integrators can choose the most appropriate imaging configuration for the application, with no compromise on measurement capabilities.

Teledyne DALSA Sherlock

Powerful and flexible vision application for factory automation. Additional AI functionalities with Astrocyte.

CVB Image Manager
  • Platform for the development of image processing applications
  • Open programming environment
  • Simple to operate, combining flexibility with high performance
  • Independent powerful aquisition engine