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Machine vision solutions for the packaging industry

28 Apr 2017

components 2017 (interpack) | Düsseldorf | 04-10 May 2017 | Stand B01 | Hall 18

The packaging industry is facing great challenges. Personalisation instead of industrial mass production is one of the trends in almost every application area. Regardless of whether packaging is used in the medical or food sector, for cosmetics or in other industries: They all require machine configurations that can change and quickly adapt, at the press of a button. Mechanical engineers in the packaging industry greatly benefit from the huge variety of possibilities offered by STEMMER IMAGING, Europe’s largest imaging technology provider, thanks to its comprehensive range of components and services.

The basic materials used for packaging are often web-shaped materials, such as paper sheets, films or aluminium strips. Mitsubishi Electric has developed its Line Scan Bar series specifically for these formats, which are exclusively distributed by STEMMER IMAGING. The Line Scan Bars use the same concept as used in desktop scanners. They enable the fast acquisition of almost distortion-free images, as the long sensor line maps the object on a 1:1 scale.

The Line Scan Bars are especially suited for applications in the packaging industry e.g. for the inspection of hose bags, for the inline-sorting of packaging as well as checking pharmaceutical packaging. They can also be used to verify any kind of printing on packaged goods. The Swiss company Hunkeler AG, for example, one of the world market leaders in the paper processing industry, has been successfully using the Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bars in its production for years.

Hyperspectral systems for material analysis

The innovative Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) technology, presented by STEMMER IMAGING opens up new opportunities for the packaging industry and shows how machine vision can be used for the fast and reliable inspection of products. CCI uses information about the spectral distribution of the reflected light in order to distinguish the molecular structure of different materials. This technology can be used for the identification of undesirable ingredients as well as for the identification and sorting of objects, which are mistakenly included in the packaging. Chemical Colour Imaging also enables the identification of similar looking materials, which almost look identical in conventional intensity images. The hyperspectral images of these materials show clear differences due to the differing molecular structures and their chemical properties.

One of the major strengths of STEMMER IMAGING’s hyperspectral vision systems is the intuitive configurable data processing software platform developed by Perception Park. The software makes the scientific methods of hyperspectral analysis readily accessible to everyone. It serves as the basis for the all-in-one modular CCI systems composed by STEMMER IMAGING.

Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar
  • Contact image sensor technology for inspection of flat or nearly flat objects
  • High scan rates
  • Excellent colour rendition
  • Resolution 600 dpi
Specim FX

Comprehensive plug-and-play-system consisting of spectrograph, camera and lens, for bands from 400 nm to 1000 nm and from 900 nm to 1700 nm, particularly compact and performant.