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New compact 5 Mpixel resolution fixed focal length lenses

23 May 2017

Tamron has introduced a range of compact (29 mm diameter) fixed focal length lenses that support 5 Mpixel resolution for 1/1.2” image sensors. The small diameter makes these lenses ideally suited to use with the latest ultra-compact cameras in situations where space is limited. The excellent resistance to shock and vibration as well as their metal mounts and components offer the ruggedness required in factory automation applications.

Matching a lens to a camera is essential to ensure the optimum resolution and high contrast imaging for a given application. The M112FM lenses are available in 12, 16 and 25mm focal lengths. A huge range of cameras from the leading industrial camera manufacturers can benefit from the M112FM range, since Sony’s Pregius CMOS sensors such as the IMX174, IMX249, IMX250 and IMX264 are proving to be hugely popular.

These sensors feature a global shutter to allow distortion-free capture of moving objects. By utilising a novel pixel structure they virtually eliminate noise in the image, bringing a sensitivity previously unattained in CMOS sensors. Combined with exceptional dynamic range and low dark noise, they provide an outstanding image quality.

To get the best from these sensors, Tamron’s proprietary optical design brings a number of benefits:

  • Advanced coating technology and state-of-the-art optical design assure excellent optical performance, particularly in contrast and resolution
  • Excellent transmission for crisp and clear images even in low light applications
  • High-quality imaging even with short working distances
  • Resolution performance is thoroughly checked from the centre to the periphery of images to ensure that there is no vignetting or distortion
  • Improved adjustment for focusing and aperture which can be locked in position
  • Four recessed lock screws mean the lens barrel is smooth to aid installation in a restricted spaces

The M112FM lenses are compatible with C-mount cameras and provide a focus range from 0.1 m to infinity. The optimum working distance is 0.3 m.

Tamron M112FM

Lenses for 1:1.2" sensors that have been designed for the IMX250, IMX264 and IMX174.