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JAI announces USB3 Vision version of 5.1 Mpixel camera

6 Jun 2017

The popular JAI GO-5100 compact, lightweight industrial cameras are now available with the high speed USB3 Vision interface as well as GigE Vision. The new JAI GO-5100-USB monochrome and colour cameras provide 5.1 MP resolution at a high frame rate of 74 fps. This means that users can benefit from the same outstanding image quality offered by the Sony Pregius IMX250 CMOS sensor whichever interface they prefer to use.

JAI GO cameras are characterised by their affordability, small size, light weight and rugged construction. To this can be added the GO-5100-USB’s 2/3” optical format which results from the sensor’s 3.45 µm square pixels. This makes the camera even more cost-effective since there are many affordable lenses tailored to the requirements of small pixels. This format is identical to that of older Sony ICX625 CCD imagers. The GO-5100-USB is therefore ideal for customers wishing to move from CCD cameras to newer CMOS technology.

In addition to the high frame rate of 74 fps at full 2464 x 2056 pixel resolution, the GO-5100-USB can be windowed down to a small ROI, generating higher frame rates with less data processing. It can also provide multiple ROIs in a single field of view allowing the user to define up to 64 non-overlapping ROIs.

Although compact, the GO-5100-USB is packed with advanced features. Symmetrical and asymmetrical binning functions (1x2, 2x1, 2x2) are available in the monochrome model, while lookup tables (LUT), sequencer trigger modes, auto level control (auto gain/shutter), and shading correction are provided in both monochrome and colour models.

Camera dimensions are 29 x 29 x 41.5 mm (excluding lens mount) with a weight of just 46 grams. High shock (80G) and vibration (10G) resistance, an MTBF rating of over 180,000 hours of operation, and a temperature rating of -5°C to +45°C provide excellent durability. These combine to make the camera ideal for use in robotics or applications which require repetitive camera movement, as well as for use in tight spaces.

Other JAI USB3 Vision cameras are the GO-5000-USB and GO-2400-USB which share the same physical dimensions and offer similar functionality, but different sensor characteristics. The GO-5000-USB has a sensor resolution of 2560 x 2048 pixels operating at frame rates up to 62 fps. The GO-2400-USB offers a maximum frame rate of 159 fps at full 1936 x 1216 pixel resolution.


High frame rate global shutter cameras with excellent image quality for reliable inspection results. With CMOS sensors for monochrom and colour imaging and a polarisation option, there are plenty of options to suit various applications. The compact housing makes the JAI Go an ideal fit for tight spaces.