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The CCS LFX3 series: Flat dome light units

3 Nov 2017

Dome light units offer excellent results in a variety of machine vision tasks. However, due to their design they have not been suitable in applications where space is at a premium. With the launch of the LFX3 series, CCS has responded to these demands by combining the qualities of dome lights with a new flat design.

CCS, one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting for machine vision and long-standing supplier of STEMMER IMAGING, has launched its new LFX3 series of dome lights. The product series’ quality lies in its flat design whilst offering the same technical properties as conventional dome light units.


The LFX3 can best be described as a flat dome light. This LED lighting unit ensures very uniform light output allowing the inspection of parts that have highly reflective surfaces and irregularities, all without creating shadows or dark spots.

When compared with other products that provide similar effects, the LFX3 series is a thinner and easier to use solution, thanks to its new, extremely flat, space saving design. With its 13.1mm height the housing takes up minimal room in machine vision applications and the additional mounting options make the LFX3 series a user-friendly and easy-to-install solution for manufacturing lines and machines.

Advanced flexibility

Thanks to the development of new optical systems and higher LED output, the new LFX3 series achieves three times the brightness of previous models. Also, the CCS standard lineup offers a wider range of sizes including units with a 25mm x 25mm emitting surface. This new size provides the optimum compact form factor for narrow inspection spaces and is perfectly suited for the inspection of small parts. The new portfolio also includes larger models of the LFX3, to complement the 200mm x 200mm version. One model has an emitting surface of 200mm x 100mm and is ideal for inspecting larger objects or inspecting multiple small objects in field of view, and is a perfect fit for the inspection of rectangular objects.

With the extended sizes, CCS has also expanded the series colour lineup. The LFX3 series has standard availability in white, red, blue, and infrared.

New line pattern

The new LFX3 series also introduces models with a newly developed line pattern. Detecting irregularities on glossy surfaces normally required a combination of multiple light units for one inspection or required using large light units which would take up a great deal of space in the machine. With the LFX3 series new line pattern, detecting irregularities and other defects on work pieces with a glossy or mirror-like surface is easier than ever before.

The LFX3 line pattern light projects a specific pattern on the reflective surface of the work pieces that needs to be inspected. When there is no irregularity, the lines are reflected evenly (without curves). However, as soon as an irregularity enters the field of vision, the straight lines will be seen as curved lines, making the detection of the irregularity very easy. This new line pattern will come in two different patterns, one with a 1mm interval and the other one with a 2mm interval.

Coaxial light illuminates the whole surface evenly, making it difficult to detect the bumps.

When illuminating the same object with line pattern lights, the bumps are highlighted as curved lines.

Product summary

Compared to previous LFX3 models, CCS has extended the new lineup with additional sizes and colours. Thanks to the increased brightness and higher performance the new product range better responds to the growing diversity of applications and needs on the market than previous generations. With the added option of the line pattern, the LFX3 series is ideally suited for the inspection of irregularities on glossy or mirror-like surfaces. The advanced flexibility makes it easy for users to select the right LFX3 unit for their individual machine vision task.


Flat, front lighting units that combine the benefits of coaxial and dome illumination with a full field, shadow free configuration.