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New machine vision front lights with camera window

5 Feb 2018

CCS has introduced the TH2-CR series of flat light units with a camera window which provide light from the same axis as the camera. The wide emitting surface combines wide-field imaging with highly uniform illumination, making these new lights an attractive alternative to coaxial and dome lights.

The TH2-CR lights have a thin case with a lightweight construction allowing them to be mounted in a variety of production line environments. They have a wider emitting surface compared to coaxial lights and dome lights and give homogeneous, diffuse illumination without shadows over a wide area.

The new lights feature a camera window at the centre of the emitting surface and are available in 3 active surface sizes:

  • 150 x 150 mm
  • 211 x 200 mm
  • 300 x 300 mm

A choice of white or red (635 nm) LED versions for each size enables the optimum contrast to be achieved in the image for the particular application.

These flat lights offer significant benefits over coaxial lights for the imaging of large workpieces. Coaxial lights have a narrow field of view which limits the size of the workpieces. In addition they have a large and heavy housing which can take up a lot of space.

TH2-CR lights are ideally suited to any applications requiring an even, shadowless, diffuse illumination of curved, uneven surfaces. Applications include:

  • Appearance inspection of textured metal surfaces
  • Reading engraved text on metal surface
  • Inspecting Formed In Place Gasket sealing material on metal components
  • Inspecting for stains and foreign materials on irregular fabric products such as diapers

Flat lights are also the preferred option to dome lights when workpieces are being placed on the production line by robots. The narrow space between the light unit and the workpiece in dome lights limits the available space for robot access. However flat lights provide plenty of space between the light and the workpiece for robot picking.


Flat lights with a camera window at the centre of the emitting surface that provides illumination from the same axis as the camera.