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Outstanding high resolution imaging with 86 Mpixel camera

20 Feb 2018

The new 86 Mpixel Falcon4™ colour or monochrome cameras from Teledyne DALSA provide exceptional resolution at high frame rates of 16 fps. The CMOS sensor has more pixels (10720 × 8064) than 40 HD screens, allowing inspection of extremely large areas without image stitching or revealing even finer detail in traditional industrial vision applications.

This exceptional resolution and throughput makes Falcon4 cameras ideally suited to aerial imaging applications, especially oblique camera implementation. However when used in traditional vision applications this resolution reveals details that could not be seen using lower resolution cameras.

The global shutter ensures smear-free capture of images at high-speed and exposure control with no need for a mechanical shutter. Challenging applications include:

  • Aerial imaging
  • Reconnaissance
  • Security and surveillance
  • 3D Metrology
  • Flat Panel Display inspection

For applications that do not need the full 86 Mpixel resolution, windowing allows lower resolution imaging at higher frame rates.

The versatile sensor can also be operated in rolling shutter mode with correlated double sampling to reduce fixed pattern noise. It features large 6 micron pixels which offer both high sensitivity and large full well capacity, giving a high dynamic range (63 dB rolling shutter, 57 dB global shutter) for imaging over a wide range of light levels. Even higher dynamic range can be achieved using frame averaging. The sensor also has excellent NIR sensitivity.

The camera has been developed to a high specification and includes functionality built-in to optimise image quality, such as:

  • Flat field correction
  • Advanced defective pixel detection
  • Configurable pixel correction
  • FPN and PRNU correction

The Falcon4 camera is fully GenICam compliant and features a single link Camera Link HS data interface to handle the high volume of data generated (129 MB/frame (12 bit), and high data transfer rates 2.1 GB/s @ 16 fps (12bit)). Data transfer is possible over distances up to 10 m using copper cable.

Teledyne DALSA Falcon4

Ultra high resolution camera with colour and monochrome CMOS sensors at high frame rates