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First CVB User Group Meeting organised by STEMMER IMAGING

12 Mar 2018

On the 17th and 18th of April 2018 STEMMER IMAGING will be holding the first user group meeting for their machine vision programming library in Puchheim near Munich.

STEMMER IMAGING are ushering in a new era for Common Vision Blox. Participants can expect new technologies, new interfaces and direct communication with the CVB development team. The event’s focus lies on highly topical subjects such as machine learning, embedded vision, hyperspectral imaging and the increased interlinks between image processing and automation via the OPC UA standard.

On both afternoons, parallel training sessions will be held, covering everything from the basics to expert training on CVB tools - providing a comprehensive, hands-on overview of the software’s current capabilities. From beginners to experienced CVB users, each participant is offered the opportunity to attend the most suitable training sessions.

A particularly interesting element of the CVB User Meetings will be the presentation of successful setups showing CVB’s high performance and flexibility in a wide variety of application areas.

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More details on the first CVB User Group Meeting can be found at: - where you can also register and book your overnight stay.

CVB Image Manager
  • Platform for the development of image processing applications
  • Open programming environment
  • Simple to operate, combining flexibility with high performance
  • Independent powerful aquisition engine
CVB Foundation Package
  • High performance foundation package for Common Vision Blox
  • Rapid, easy-to-use entry-level solution
  • Contains the most important algorithms required for image processing
CVB Polimago
  • Position, rotation, scaling and tipping invariant pattern recognition
  • Fast execution speed for use in real time applications
  • Fully automatic generation of additional training images
CVB Minos
  • High-speed object recognition software
  • Character recognition (OCR/OCV) under difficult conditions
  • Contains Minos Teach for learning new objects
  • Contains Minos Search, a tunable search engine
CVB Match 3D
  • Software for demanding 3D surface inspection
  • Best choice for complex objects
  • Easy integration into existing machine vision environments