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New lens added to range of Zeiss Interlock compact lenses

23 Aug 2018

A new, wide angle lens with a focal length of 25 mm has been added to the Zeiss Interlock range of compact, lightweight lenses. These are designed for use with large format area and line scan cameras. The full metal housing, locking screws for focus and aperture and their resilience to dust, water and vibration make these lenses ideally suited to use in very harsh industrial environments.

The new 25 mm wide angle lens added to the Zeiss Interlock range of compact lenses.

The new 25 mm lens extends the range to 5 models, from 21 mm up to 85 mm focal length and all come with a M42-mount with a short, 18 mm flange focal distance.

This has two major advantages.

  • Firstly, short focal length lenses can be designed into machine vision systems more easily with less distortion, and

  • secondly, the mechanical stability is strengthened as shorter extension rings can be used.

All lenses in the range offer a 43 mm image circle for use with area scan sensors of 36 x 24 mm (up to 42 Mpixel) or line scan sensors of 41 mm (4k – 8k pixel). The optical elements have T* anti-reflective coating on all surfaces to improve light transmission and provide optimum contrast.

The wide angular field of 81° and high-quality focusing mechanism for smooth, precise manual focusing make the new lens a key component for machine vision inspection in complex production processes. It can precisely capture images of objects at different ranges, such as when monitoring production lines or reading barcodes. The lenses are also used in optical metrology, medical applications, traffic enforcement, quality assurance, sports and many other applications.

The robust construction includes a high quality, heavy duty yet lightweight metal housing and aperture ring. Special screws are used for precise locking of aperture and focus positions. This gives higher precision when the aperture and focus are set, leading to stable and reliable measuring results even in rough industrial conditions.

These locking screws, combined with the overall design and the fact that the centre of gravity is closer to the camera sensor, protect the lens against vibrations. This improves measurement repeatability and helps to avoid machine downtime. The compact design also allows these lenses to be used where space is at a premium.

Zeiss Interlock Compact

Large format lenses with a M42-mount and 18 mm flange focal distance