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High speed, high resolution inline smart 3D inspection

11 Jan 2019

The introduction of new Gocator® laser line profilers, snapshot sensors and the GoMax plug and play smart vision accelerator by LMI Technologies transforms inline quality inspection capabilities. The 2500 series of smart sensors are the fastest, most compact, and advanced Gocator® 3D laser line profilers to date. The Gocator 3504 is the highest XY resolution 3D snapshot sensor on the market today. GoMax® can accelerate any Gocator® by adding massive GPU-driven data processing power to the sensor (or sensor network).

The Gocator family of 3D measurement sensors is characterized by its on-board 3D processing and measurement capabilities. This means that no additional controllers or PCs are require to produce 3D measurements. In addition the new Gocators are housed in ultra-compact, IP67-rated cases to allow them to be mounted in small spaces.

High speed inspection of moving parts

The Gocator 2500 series is designed for high-performance inspection of small parts such as electronics components. A new custom high-speed 3 megapixel imager and megapixel lens provide micron-level X and Z resolution at significantly increased production speeds up to 10 kHz. Completely self-contained, the Gocator 2500 series feature a blue laser and advanced optics to deliver superior data quality on the challenging shiny/specular surfaces that are common in consumer electronics inspection applications.

Dedicated FPGA processing with built-in measurement tools for 3D alignment, part segmentation, and 3D feature extraction allow Gocator 2500 sensors to handle the complete processing pipeline—from raw image data to 3D result and pass/fail control.

The Gocator 2510 and 2520 that make up the new series provide a choice of performance to suit the particular application, with a measurement range up to 25 mm and a field-of-view (FOV) up to 33.5 mm.

The X resolution of 8 µm for the Gocator 2510 makes it ideal for inspecting fine features, while the wider FOV of the Gocator 2520 means that fewer sensors are needed to cover wide scan areas, reducing capital overheads.

Complete 3D inspection in a single snapshot

The combination of market-leading 6 µm XY resolution and 0.2 µm Z repeatability makes the Gocator® 3504 3D stereo camera snapshot sensor ideal for precise sub-micron inspection of small parts. Pre-calibrated and ready to measure out-of-the-box, it is ideal for inline applications where objects are momentarily stationary such as robotic inspection and pick-and-place. Since the imaging takes place when the object is stationary, snapshot sensors remove the need for a motion stage and avoid errors due to vibration.

The unit includes next-generation dual-core controllers, which significantly increase onboard processing speed to match inline production speed. It has a measurement range = 8 mm and a field of view of 12.5 x 14.6 - 13.4 x 14.7 mm. However a 3D stitching capability allows automatic stitching of 3D data from multiple scans into a single 3D scan for high resolution over an even wider field of view.

The Gocator 3504 sensor is designed for high precision surface and geometry inspection. The stereo camera approach reduces data loss due to surface occlusions, which could block projected light or the camera’s view in a single camera configuration. It can be used in a wide range of electronics and medical applications such as connector and pin coplanarity, wire detection, surface flatness and stent inspection.

Accelerating 3D inspection

All Gocators feature powerful on-board processing capabilities, but for high speed production lines even faster processing may be required. The GoMax® smart vision accelerator is a cost-effective, scalable hardware solution that allows the acceleration of any Gocator sensor without the need for a PC. This compact device speeds up the sensor by taking over a portion of the data processing (including point cloud generation, 3D measurement, and PLC/robot communication).

By providing1.5 TeraFLOP/s of server-grade data processing power with its embedded NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (including a 256-core CUDA® GPU and 64-bit quad-core ARM processor), GoMax allows faster cycle times and enhances overall inspection performance. Sensor acceleration of up to 50X is possible with no PC or controller.

The plug-and-play functionality of GoMax allows the quick and easy addition of this massive data processing power to any Gocator sensor or multi-sensor network. GoMax® features a distributed design based on peer-to-peer networking that allows engineers to easily accelerate entire multi-sensor networks. In this way multiple Gocator® sensors can be simultaneously accelerated and multiple GoMax® units can be easily added to meet specific inspection needs.

LMI Gocator 2500

An extremely fast, very compact and advanced Gocator laser line profiler designed for the inspection of small parts.


A cost-effective hardware solution that allows you to accelerate any Gocator sensor.