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New LED Lighting Management System

21 Mar 2019

The new programmable LED Light Manager (LLM) from Smart Vision Lights provides lighting sequencing for multilight machine vision applications, including photometric 3D and multispectral inspection. The LLM can drive up to four lights of virtually any type or up to four individual zones or channels within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution.

The LLM system will be available with a choice of mini bar light, line light and four quadrant ring light kit bundles for use in 3D photometric stereo and 2D multi-light applications. Photometric stereo imaging can determine the 3D surface orientation of every pixel across the object’s surface by capturing and processing successive images of a stationary object as it is illuminated by a sequence of lights. In this way, defects in the surface of a part can be revealed. Similar illumination techniques can generate 2D images of multiple regions of interest using separate lights and/or cameras.

LLM is also ideally suited to multispectral imaging solutions using specific wavelength LEDs rather than broad-spectrum white lights with optical filters in front of the sensor. This approach can greatly reduce the cost of multispectral imaging solutions.

The unit can be programmed easily by technicians of any level using an intuitive browser-based user interface to set image sequences and the appropriate intensities for each light. Programs can be saved on a microSD card for further use.

Each LLM program can contain up to six sequences with up to four lights or 4 segments in a ring light individually set to be off, continuously on, any intensity level in between, or even operating in OverDrive™ strobe mode to deliver higher light intensity in short bursts.

A sequence event containing from one to four sequences can be created. Once the event is activated the first sequence of lights is triggered and the camera is triggered. The LLM waits for the camera exposure to be completed before triggering the next sequence. This process is repeated for all the sequences chosen for the event.

Smart Vision Lights LLM

A programmable LED Light Manager that addresses the lighting control needs of multi-light machine vision solutions, including photometric 3D and multispectral.