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Ricoh high-performance 5 Megapixel lens range extended

14 Mar 2019

Ricoh has added the new FL-CC-MX series to its existing range of lenses for 2/3” 5 megapixel cameras. These high-performance lenses with 12 and 16mm focal length versions provide high resolution, high contrast imaging with low distortion across the entire sensor, ensuring accurate measurements at the periphery of the image as well as at the centre.

The new Ricoh FL-CC1218-5MX and FL-CC1618-5MX lenses are designed for use with 2/3" format, 3.45μm pixel pitch cameras. They have a small diameter of 33 mm, but have optical distortion of less than 0.1%. They deliver sharp, high contrast images and even light distribution together with 147 line pair/mm resolution over the entire image measurement field. This satisfies S-Rank (Best Performance Class) criteria as part of the JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association) high-performance class/evaluation standards for high definition camera lenses.

The lens design features a floating focusing mechanism, where some of the lens elements move during focusing while others remain fixed. This configuration minimizes changes in aberrations due to object distance, giving maximum performance at any magnification. The lenses can therefore capture low-distortion, high-resolution images throughout the working distance range from infinity right down to their minimum object distance.

By combining excellent performance with a mechanical design that includes locking screws to prevent movement of focus and iris, the lenses can be used in a host of challenging industrial applications including:

  • Inspection of high density printed circuit boards
  • Checking for missing pixels in LCD monitors
  • Confirming hairline cracks and other surface defects on sheet metal surfaces
  • Multiple simultaneous inspections for errors in the shape, colour and surface of food and pharmaceuticals, for example
  • Detailed inspections of a wide range of objects

These lenses can also be used as visual sensors in any machine’s vision system making them perfect for robot vision applications. The low aberrations at any working distance also make the lenses well suited for use in intelligent traffic technology.

Ricoh FL-CC-5M

5 megapixel lenses for sensors up to 2/3"