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Short-wave infrared line scan camera to see what visible can’t

23 Jul 2020

The versatile high speed, high resolution Linea SWIR from Teledyne DALSA is ideal for applications like optical sorting or for inspection tasks to detect material properties invisible to the human eye. With the Linea SWIR it is possible to detect moisture content, bruising or foreign objects in food sorting applications to increase yield, reduce waste and improve quality. Its unique cycling mode enables easy and cost effectve implementation of multispectral material classification applications.

The Teledyne DALSA Linea SWIR represents the latest development in InGaAs line scan cameras. The GigE Vision camera not only features a cutting-edge uncooled InGaAs line sensor with 40 kHz line rate, but also features from Teledyne DALSA’s vast line scan camera experience, making it ideal for industrial use. The series is available in 512 pixel (25 µm) and 1024 pixel (12.5 µm) resolutions, delivering high speed and high sensitivity SWIR images at a significantly lower price than areas scan based SWIR cameras.

The compact, lightweight and robust camera feature set includes cycling mode with multiple user configuration sets, making it possible to work with different light sources, lighting angles, exposure times, gains etc. for every line. With this technology a single pass with a single camera delivers many sets of information which is comparable to that of multiple cameras to enable capabilities such as multi-spectral material classification and surface inspection without the need for costly and complex hardware solutions while also reducing inspection time.

For scenes with very bright and very dark parts within the field of view, the Linea SWIR comes with a HDR mode extending the dynamic range of the camera significantly. As SWIR is invisible to the human eye, it is very difficult to estimate the dynamic range of a scene just visually, the HDR mode gives you the confidence to esure you capture all the information and maximising the ability to solve the most demanding applications.

The GigE Vision camera supports PTP (precision time protocol) making it easy to perform stereo line scan applications or applications requiring multiple cameras inspecting an object at the same time. For applications requiring more than just triggering via GigE, the powerful programmable I/O interface of the camera features 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

Teledyne DALSA Linea SWIR

Short-wave infrared (SWIR) GigE line scan camera features a cutting-edge InGaAs sensor in a compact package for a wide variety of machine vision applications.