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Expanded camera portfolio with powerful USB3 cameras from Teledyne Lumenera

1 Sep 2020

STEMMER IMAGING extends its camera portfolio to include a new series of powerful USB3 cameras ideal for outside environments due to features such as advanced P-Iris functionality.

STEMMER IMAGING AG has signed an agreement with Teledyne Lumenera for the distribution of the Lt series of industrial cameras. The comprehensive range of industrial cameras are designed to withstand demanding environments in terms of temperature, shock and vibration along with the unique ability to deal with the varying illumination found in outside environments thanks to the in-built P-Iris lens support.

Three formats

The cameras are available in three housing formats allowing for the upmost integration flexibility with the compact and board level versions ideal for integration into very small spaces while the slightly longer rugged models offer enhanced feature sets including lens control with p-iris, enhanced FPGA pre-processing and unique buffer technology minimizing latency at full speed along with industrial grade hi-rose connectors.

Excellent quality & easy configuration

Excellent image quality in both monochrome and color are provided thanks to the latest rolling shutter Starvis™ and global shutter Pregius™ CMOS sensors from Sony®. They range in resolution from 2 – 12 megapixels, providing the flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. The USB3 Vision compliance allows simple plug-and-play installation, configuration and software integration of the camera. As a bonus when purchasing from STEMMER IMAGING all models come with a CVB Camerasuite license giving manufacturer and interface independent development environment along with Teledyne’s own Sapera software environment.

Using the USB 3.1 Gen 1 standard, simple camera configuration is provided with any software package supporting USB Vision or GenICam TL enabling easy migration to other camera models and manufacturers.

Ideal for artificial vision applications

The cameras are not only the ideal solution for industrial automation tasks requiring high data rates and small and lightweight cameras, but also for artificial vision applications ranging from sports & entertainment to intelligent traffic systems or embedded life science applications. The board level versions in particular are ideal for integrating into portable or handheld imaging devices and compact OEM imaging system designs with a minimal footprint due to the connectors on the side of the camera in the compact and board level versions so applications can take advantage of shorter cable lengths, and a flat-back design that minimizes the depth required for the camera.

The USB3 cameras are designed to deliver high dynamic range, high speed, with low read noise for both industrial and artificial imaging applications and offer proven 32 and 64-bit operating system compatibility for, Windows, Linux, Linux for embedded system platforms, and single board computers (SBCs).
Danny Hesse, Product Manager at STEMMER IMAGING
Teledyne Lumenera Lt

Compact and lightweight USB3 Vision cameras that provide both monochrome and vivid colour images for the most demanding environments.

CVB CameraSuite
  • Full featured SDK for GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras
  • Hardware-independent and flexible
  • Fully GenICam compliant
  • Available for various Operating Systems
  • Many sample programs
Teledyne DALSA Sapera Software Suite

Image acquisition, control, processing and analysis functions to design, develop and deploy high-performance machine vision applications. Additional AI functionalities with Astrocyte.