Colour Line Scan Technology - Prism


Part 2 of our colour line scan series

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JAI LT-200 CL-M52

Colour line scan camera with CameraLink, 3 CMOS, M52

  • Triple CMOS sensors for R, G and B channels
  • CMOS line with 2048 pixel, 14 µm pixel size
  • Sensor length 28.672 mm
  • Line rate at full resolution/binning 30.383 KHz
  • Line rate by sub-sampling/windowing 49.720 KHz
  • Specifics: Flat-field correction, flat shading and colour shading compensation, one push white balance, knee correction, binning, sub-sampling and windowing readout, test pattern generator
  • Trigger modes: pulse width control, auto reset
  • Pixel-Clock 80 MHz
  • Output formats: 24RGB, 30RGB
  • Shutter time 1/75 s to 1/38.759 s
  • Responsivity 2800 Lux (7800K, Line rate=1100 µs, gain=Low, G=0 dB, Shutter=OFF, Iris=F2.8, 100% video)
  • S/N-Ratio >57 dB (Gain=0 dB, green channel)
  • Functions controlled by Camera Link: RS232C, Trigger, shutter, gain
  • Digital output: 3 x 8 or 3 x 10 bits via 2 x CameraLink (Base/Medium)
  • Power consumption: 12 to 24 VDC
  • Rear panel LED indicator (Trigger, WB)
  • Connector: 12-Pin Hirose, MDR26
  • Dimension 90 x 90 x 90 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Weight 830 g
  • Lens mount for M52 (optional F-Mount, max. allowed rear protrusion on lenses: 13 mm)
  • Please order 12-PIN HIROSE, PSU 12V/3.5A-1 separately if required
Product features
Weight (kg) 0.830
Spectral sensitivity Colour
Software CameraSuite no
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor length (mm) 28.67
Sensor configuration 3 sensor prism
Scan type Line
Power supply voltage (DCV) 12-24
Pixel clock (MHz) 80
Pixel size (µm) 14.0
Output formats RGB
Max. line freq. (kHz) 30.383
Manufacturer JAI
Lens mount M52
Interface configuration Medium
Interface CameraLink
Horizontal res. (Px) 2048
Dimension (width, mm) 90
Dimension (height, mm) 90.00
Dimension (depth, mm) 90
Connector b: power Hirose 12-pin
Connector a: video 2x CL
Bit depth 8 / 10
Bandwidth (MByte/s) 34
Active sensor size (vertical, mm) 28.67
Active sensor size (horizontal, mm) 28.67