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Automation Technology C4

Smart high speed 3D cameras

These robust laser scanning sensors are an efficient, attractively priced solution for industrial inspection applications that require three-dimensional imaging. Thanks to the on-board pre-processing of the raw image data, the Automation Technology C4 3D cameras offer previously unattainable frame rates for inspection, measurement and sorting in the third dimension.

Depending on the model, the C4 high-speed cameras deliver more than 104 million 3D points per second with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

One special feature of these C4 cameras is the smart camera architecture, which offers an image memory capacity of up to 1Gb for customized image processing.

Data is exchanged via a Gigabit Ethernet interface which complies with the GigE Vision standard, thus making integration considerably easier for users. With the plug and play GenCam protocol, configuration is quick and simple.

This GigE variant camera is fully optimised for use with the Common Vision Blox GenCam drivers, allowing the sensor to be fully controlled from any CVB based application. It achieves this without the use of camera-specific libraries which would compromise its hardware independence. Like all GigE Vision cameras supplied by STEMMER IMAGING, each AT C4 camera also includes a free CVB CameraSuite MultiOS licence.


  • 3D imaging using the laser scanning triangulation method
  • Measuring speed:
  • C4-1280: up to 140 million 3D points/s (at 73000 profile/s), sensor resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels for a pixel size of 14 µm
  • 1 GB image memory
  • Integrated CPU for custom image processing
  • Evaluation of the laser line on-board the camera
  • Output of the height image via GigE Vision
  • Configurable camera modes: image mode, profile mode
  • Selection of 3D camera algorithms: threshold selection method (TRSK), maximum method (MAX), centre-of-gravity (COG) method, PEAK method (customized algorithm)
  • Maximum profile rate independent of the selected algorithm
  • Configurable selection of the data output - e.g., height data or height data plus intensity data
  • Programmable number of profiles merged to form an elevation image
  • Up to 4 freely selectable sensor read-out windows (AOIs) in image and profile mode
  • Configurable shutter modes: rolling shutter (C4-1280) for accurate profiles with minimum motion distortion (blurring),
  • Flexible trigger functions for profile and image triggering
  • RS422 encoder interface with programmable counter for profile trigger generation and integral identification of direction of movement
  • Data transmission over Gigabyte Ethernet interface
  • Configurable I/Os for trigger function and synchronisation
  • Storage of a user-defined start-up camera configuration in a configuration EEPROM
  • Integrated control of extern illumination (Laser)
  • Supported by Common Vision Blox
  • Easy to integrate through compliance with the GenICam standard

Markets and Applications

  • Inspection tasks (e.g. adhesive bead, welded seams, wood, tyres, rubber seals, BGA, PCB, solder paste etc.)
  • Inspection of components and surfaces
  • Geometric inspection
  • Robot control
  • Rail measurement
  • Foodstuff portioning

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Automation Technology User Manual C4-1280 CS | 1.4
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Automation Technology User Manual C4-2040 | 2.0
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Automation Technology User Manual C4-2350 CS | 1.9
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