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Allied Vision Marlin - Compact FireWire cameras

The Marlin series from Allied Vision is a series of very compact cameras equipped with highly sensitive sensors that use the IEEE-1394a interface (FireWire).

The family consist of various camera models with different IT, progressive scan CCD sensors from 1/3" to 1/1.8". Other variants feature a 2/3" CMOS Sensor with global shutter. The cameras operate in 8/10 bit mode and excel in almost any application because of their high frame rates and high image quality which is due to the large selection of different sensors and resolutions (VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA).

The Marlin has an asynchronous trigger shutter as well as true partial scan and integrates many useful "smart features" for imaging and machine vision.

One major benefit of this camera series is its flexibility. The separation of the image sensor from the main board allows easy customisation and special OEM versions on request.


  • Available with different IT CCD progressive scan sensors or CMOS global shutter
  • Resolution up to of 1628 x 1236 pixels
  • Asynchronous external trigger for instantaneous capture with no significant latency
  • 12 bit A/D converter, 8/10 bit output
  • Partial scan or ROI function to increase frame rate
  • Programmable Look Up Table to enhance different image level areas or threshold operations
  • Real-time shading correction to compensate for local lighting or objective errors
  • Sequencing mode to apply specific parameters such as gain, offset, image cutout and LUT to the images
  • Binning, image mirror, image transfer delay functions
  • 8MB image memory and shading correction (optional 256MB)
  • Industrial IEEE 1394a connector
  • 12 pin Hirose connector for RS232, I/Os and power supply
  • C-mount lens adapter (CS-mount optional)
  • Two programmable Inputs/Outputs for external trigger
  • Compatible with Common Vision Blox

Cabling accessories


I/O Cable for AV Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Manta / Guppy Pro / Prosilica GX, GC and GT

  • 12-Pin Hirose to ...


I/O Cable for AV Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Manta / Guppy Pro / Prosilica GT, GC & GX

  • 12-pin Hirose to ...


I/O Cable for AV Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Manta / Guppy Pro / Prosilica GT, GC & GX

  • 12-pin Hirose to ...


Trigger-cable for AV cameras to open ends
(Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Guppy Pro)

  • Cable length see product name
Mechanical accessories


Angle Head Version for Stingray, Pike and Manta (type A) and Manta G-223/235/319/419/507

  • Please refer to ...
Optical accessories

AV FIL 715/16MM

IR-pass filter, type RG715

  • 100% absorption up to 715 nm
  • For installation in the C-mount of a MAKO, MANTA with ...
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