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Teledyne DALSA iNspect

Machine vision software made simple for factory automation 

Teledyne’s iNspect application software has been specifically designed to simplify the implementation and deployment of machine vision on the factory floor. iNspect is a practical inspection tool with uncompromised functionality that can be readily applied to a wide range of manufacturing tasks. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows you to quickly setup and test applications with little or no prior vision experience.

iNspect includes the core set of vision tools for finding, detecting, measuring or identifying features for part or assembly inspection and supports a range of communication options, such as EthernetIP, Modbus and Profinet, for interfacing with complementary factory equipment.

Reasons to use the Teledyne DALSA iNspect

Easy to use

iNspect’s simplicity of use makes the benefits of machine vision available to all manufacturing companies. You don’t need to be a vision expert or even have a vision background to put machine vision to work as you can quickly prototype and test your applications with an intuitive interface.

Once deployed online you can easily make modifications to accommodate part or tolerance changes. Standardising on one package for all of your vision needs greatly reduces your training investment.

Many inspection capabilities

iNspect provides a core set of tools and capabilities that have been successfully deployed across a diverse range of applications. The underlying algorithms have evolved over many years of providing vision solutions for factory automation.

You have access to tools that have been tried and field tested in the same or similar applications. As it develops, the software can be upgraded at no charge to leverage additional features or improvements with each new released version.

You can utilise iNspect’s standard operator interfaces with built-in user admin, or you can develop your own operator interface using iNspect’s custom API.

Platform flexibility and cost savings

iNspect offers hardware design flexibility to support your application need and technology preference, as well cost advantages for multi-camera applications.

You don't need to compromise inspection requirements due to technology shortcomings. iNspect runs on smart cameras and PC platforms with connected cameras. So can select the camera technology that meets your application and cost objectives.

iNspect supports standard 2D cameras with any resolution, as well as some 1D cameras.


Design interface

  • Graphical point and click interface enables rapid design and deployment
  • Simple controls for camera setup (trigger & exposure) & lighting (strobe)
  • Self-contained “click and apply” inspection tools for many applications
  • Built-in factory protocols for 3rd party communications
  • Scripting offers advanced flexibility for controlling external events

Runtime interface

  • “Ready-to-go” operator interface satisfies most application requirements
  • API available for custom interface development
  • User admin controls to define/control system access

Vision capabilities

  • Pattern matching / Colour matching
  • Feature finding / Feature counting
  • Measuring
  • Defect detection
  • Barcode / 2D Matrix reading & grading
  • Character reading (OCR) & verification

Communication options

  • Discrete I/O via BOA, PL-USB or 3rd party adapter
  • EthernetIP, Modbus, Profinet, RS-232, TCP/IP and more
  • Image and data logging
  • Trend graphing

Supported cameras

  • BOA smart cameras
  • GigE compatible cameras (1D, 2D – up to 8)
  • Mono, colour or IR sensors

Supported platforms

  • Teledyne DALSA GEVA vision controllers
  • Teledyne DALSA BOA smart cameras
  • Industrial PCs running Windows 7 or Windows 10 with 32/64-bit

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iNSPECT Software Package

  • Configurable Machine Vision Application for WindowsXP
  • For Analog or IEEE1394a camera
  • Need to supply system# before license ...


iNSPECT Software Package

  • Configurable Machine Vision Application for WindowsXP
  • For Analog or IEEE1394a camera
  • USBPort-Dongle
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