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Teledyne DALSA Spyder3

Line scan cameras with GigE-Vision or CameraLink interface

The Teledyne DALSA Spyder3 is a compact monochrome line scan camera that uses the Gigabit Ethernet interface and surpasses its predecessor, the Spyder2, to deliver 3 times the responsivity and twice the line rate.

The Teledyne DALSA Spyder3 cameras feature the GigE Vision or the CameraLink interface. The GigE Vision interface opens up a variety of potential new application areas, offering very easy system integration and image data transmission distances up to an astounding 100m, using standard CAT 5E and Cat 6 cabling.

The Teledyne DALSA Spyder3 is available with resolutions of 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels.

This Spyder3 series is perfectly suited for cost sensitive applications in a variety of applications. For systems requiring higher speeds and line rates, the Piranha series provides a range of alternative models.


  • Line sensors with 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels
  • Dual-line sensor to provides increased sensitivity
  • Square pixels with 10µm (4k model) or 14µm
  • Maximum line rates: 68kHz (1024)
  • Maximum data rate 40MHz and 80MHz
  • Selectable video output: 8 or 12 bit
  • Gigabit Ethernet or CameraLink interface
  • Very high responsivity up to 2064DN/(nJ/cm2) in high sensitivity mode
  • Camera control functions set via graphical control software (QuickCam): integration time, line rate, gain, offset, bit depth, test pattern and diagnostics
  • Flat field correction to compensate for image lighting inconsistencies
  • Exact sensor alignment with minimal tolerances

Markets and Applications

  • Flat panel inspection
  • Postal sorting
  • Inspection of wood/brick or steel
  • Print inspection
  • Food inspection
  • Web inspection
  • Pick & Place

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Model Horizontal res. (Px) Max. line freq. (kHz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Pixel size (µm) Sensor length (mm)
DALSA S3-14-01K40 1024 36.0 CameraLink M42 x 1, Nikon F-Mount CCD 14.00 14.30
DALSA S3-14-02K40 2048 18.0 CameraLink M42 x 1, Nikon F-Mount CCD 14.00 28.60
DALSA S3-24-01K40 1024 68.0 CameraLink M42 x 1, Nikon F-Mount, C-Mount CCD 14.00 14.20
DALSA S3-24-02K40 2048 36.0 CameraLink M42 x 1, Nikon F-Mount CCD 14.00 28.40
DALSA S3-24-04K40 4096 18.0 CameraLink Nikon F-Mount, M58 x 0.75 CCD 10.00 41.00