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FiberOptic IntraLED

LED cold light source for fibre light guides

The FiberOptic IntraLED is designed to replace halogen lamps as cold light sources. LEDs are superior to halogen lamps thanks to their longer service life and less variations in colour temperature in dim conditions. For this reasons LEDs are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for fibre optic light guides.

Reasons to select the FiberOptic IntraLED

Particular long service life

The IntraLED lamps provide a lifetime of up to 50.000 hours, much longer than traditional halogen lamps.

Exceptional brightness

The IntraLED provides high brightness of over 500 lumen (IntraLED 3) or even 700 lumen (IntraLED 5).

Less heat transfer, more protection

As the light source doesn't have to be located near the target, considerably less heat transfer takes place. The spatial disparity on the other hand also protects the light source in harsh environments, as only the light guide has to be exposed.

Trigger and intensity regulation

IntraLEDs are triggerable up to 50 Hz and dimmable. Light is emitted only when required, at the requested level, which considerably increases the life time of the device.

Industry-grade housing

The light is built into a compact housing with M4 threaded rails on 4 sides for a convenient mounting.


  • Colour: white (5,800-6,200 K)
  • Light output: diameter 13.5 mm, 15 mm ferrule
  • I/O: intensity control by RS232, trigger frequency max. 50 Hz
  • Power supply: 24 VDC power supply included

Markets and Applications

This is a general purpose illumination product, fitting a wide range of machine vision applications. In combination with light guides, IntraLED avoids heat transfer to target.  

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