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Gardasoft TR-CL 180

Gardasoft controller for Optotune liquid lenses

The TR-CL180 single channel industrial lens controller, which has been developed in close collaboration with the liquid lenses manufacturer Optotune, provides a very accurate and repeatable control of tunable lenses.

The controllers include constant current lens drive and lens EEPROM data communications and are compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC lenses.

A configurable PCB version is available on request for OEM projects.

GigE Vision integration with Triniti technology

The Lens controllers are part of the Gardasoft Triniti machine vision platform, so users have seamless access and control of system cameras, lighting and lenses within the same environment (either via conventional image processing software like CVB or via a Triniti SDK). The Triniti Technology helps monitor lens parameters like life-time and temperature.

Calibrated lens control

The controller is fully current calibrated with lens temperature compensation. It provides a constant current Lens drive and Lens EEPROM data communications

Fast focus change

The TR-CL series enables very fast dynamic lens control (1ms) in Machine Vision applications which require varying height objects.


  • Channels: single output channel
  • Configuration: via Ethernet interface or display
  • Output current: -400 to +400 mA
  • Output voltage: -16 to +16 V
  • Supply voltage: 24 V +/- 10%
  • Lens connection: 6 pin Hirose
  • Compatibility: Optotune EL-10-30 and EL-16-40  
  • Miscellaneous: PCB version for OEM application available on request

Markets and Applications

The TR-CL180 series are a perfect complement to the Optotune liquid lenses, which are ideal for applications that have unknown or changing working distances like packet sorting and barcode reading on boxes.

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Triniti controller for Optotune liquid lenses

  • One output channel
  • Configuration via Ethernet interface or display
  • Output current: -400 to +400 ...
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