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JAI Fusion

Multi-sensor area scan camera for multi-spectral imaging

The JAI Fusion series uses multi-sensor prism technology to offer unique technical solutions. The camera splits incoming light into two or three separate channels, e.g. a visible colour and a near-infrared (NIR) channel. This makes it possible to analyse objects both on and below their surfaces at the same time.

The sensor for the visible light has a Bayer mosaic colour filter and monochrome sensors for the NIR light. The light beams of all spectrums are separated using a special, dichroic prism and sensed by the corresponding sensors.

The cameras can work in free- running mode or can be triggered to operate. For the output of the image data the cameras feature a high-speed backwards compatible 10GigE- interface(10GBASE-T), offer much higher frame rates of up to 226 fps for 1.6 megapixel images and 123 fps for 3.2 megapixel images.

Reasons to select the JAI Fusion

Two-in-one camera

The JAI Fusion offers functionality which otherwise would require two or more cameras, within a single system.

Multi-spectral image acquisition for unique solutions

JAI's multi-sensor, multi-spectral prism cameras provide simultaneous images of different light spectrums through a single optical path. The cameras split incoming light into two separate channels - a visible color channel from 400-700nm and a near infrared (NIR) channel from 750-900+nm

This makes it possible to simultaneously inspect surface properties or printing, as well as sub-surface defects or other information which is optimally detected at NIR wavelengths.


  • Sensor: various models CMOS (2 or 3 sensor in one camera)
  • Resolution (FS models) : up to 2018 x 1536 pixel and 123 fps with full resolution
  • Bit depth: 10 bit or 8 bit output for NIR
  • Features: separate AGC (automatic gain control) for each channel, simultaneously captures visible and NIR through the same optical path
  • I/O: programmable GPIO with opto-isolated inputs and outputs
  • Interface: GigE Vision with 10GBASE-T (10GigE)  

Markets and Applications

  • Inspection of organic items such as fruit and vegetables
  • LED inspection, welding, glass inspection and solar panel manufacturing
  • Currency and checks control
  • Textile and plastic inspection

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Model Resolution (MP) Frame rate (Hz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Horizontal res. (Px) Vertical res. (Px) Manufacturer Sensor format
JAI FS-1600D-10GE 1.6 226.0 Gigabit Ethernet C-Mount CMOS 1440 1080 JAI 1/2.9"
JAI FS-3200D-10GE 3.2 123.0 Gigabit Ethernet C-Mount CMOS 2048 1536 JAI 1/1.8"
JAI FS-3200T-10GE-NNC 3.2 123.0 Gigabit Ethernet C-Mount CMOS 2065 1544 JAI 1/1.8"
File Topics Size
JAI FS-1600D 10GE Datasheet
Data sheets
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JAI FS-1600D 10GE Manual | 1.0
1.5 MB
JAI FS-3200D 10GE Datasheet
Data sheets
615.4 KB
JAI FS-3200D 10GE Manual | 1.0
1.9 MB
JAI FS-3200T 10GE-NNC Manual | 1.0
3.4 MB
JAI WhitePaper 10GigE-Technology Guide
Application Notes
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Application Notes
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