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MidOpt Multi-bandpass Filters

Dual Bandpass (DB) and Triple Bandpass (TB) Filters

These dual and triple bandpass filters passes are designed for visible light and a specific range of the visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) spectrums. That makes them ideal for colour camera applications that utilise sunlight during the day and NIR illumination at night. By blocking interfering wavelengths they achieve an accurate colour rendition and eliminate the need for dual sensor imaging. The Anti-reflection coating offers maximum transmission.

Dual and triple bandpass filters can be used in variety of applications. They are becoming more popular in NDVI aerial drone inspection, allowing for single sensor imaging and reduced operation payload.


  • Mount options:
    • Standard threaded lens mount
    • Slip-on mount
    • Filter without mount
    • C / CS-camera mount

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