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Opto Engineering TCCAGE

Bi-telecentric lens and mirror system for multiple side imaging and measurement at 90°

TCCAGE is a system designed to fully inspect and measure parts from their side without any need to rotate it.

Four orthonormal views of an object are provided by a telecentric lens through an array of mirrors. The optical path is designed so that the displacement angle between the views is exactly 90°; this optical layout ensures complete coverage of the object lateral surface. Furthermore, telecentric imaging makes the system insensitive to off-centered parts and therefore suitable for measurement applications.

The TCCAGE is the perfect solution for inspecting parts whose features would be hidden when looked at from the top and for all those applications where an object must be inspected or measured from different sides. Two different illumination devices are built into the device to provide either backlight or direct part illumination.


  • 360° lens to inspect an object from different sides
  • Sensor size: 1/2" and 2/3"
  • Lens mount: C-mount
  • Max. object diameter: 8 and 16 mm
  • Max. object height: 32 and 68 mm
  • Wavelength: 450-650 nm
  • MTF: @70lp/mm >40%
  • Aperture: F# 8
  • Width: 111 and 179 mm
  • Length: 192,8 mm and 347 mm
  • Height: 248 mm to 424 mm
  • Integrated ring light: 24 V, 3W power consumption
  • Integrated backlight: 24V, 9 W and 15W power consumption
  • Phasing of mounts (consists of 2 parts) the camera can be aligned parallel to the lens.