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Optotune focus tunable lenses

Electrically tunable lenses to enhance conventional lenses

Optotune's electrically tunable lens brings electrical focus adjustment to conventional lenses. The shape changing lens are based on a combination of optical fluids and a polymer membrane. The core element consists of a container, which is filled with an optical liquid and sealed off with a thin, elastic polymer membrane. A circular ring that pushes onto the center of the membrane shapes the tunable lens.

To tune the lens, fluid is pressed into the center of the lens by a current controlled voice coil thus changing the curvature of the membrane and with that the focal length of the lens.

Reasons to use the Optotune EL Lens

Continuously clear focus for different heights

Optotune EL lenses enable you to have very fast and flexible changes in the focal length and thanks to the "frequency" feature you can even achieve several focus changes within a single exposure. As electronic adjustments are performed within milliseconds, the focus adjustments can be executed quickly and easily - and if necessary within one single exposure. Objects of various sizes can be inspected either in a very short sequence or all at once. The Optotune EL enables you to inspect changing objects comfortably without tedious mechanical adjustments to the system, increasing the throughput speed of production. Furthermore, you can continue to benefit from the high quality of fixed focus lenses to keep image and inspection quality at the high level you are used to.

Suited for situations with space restrictions

Changing the radius of the Optotune lens just several microns can have the same effect as moving a conventional lens several centimetres. Due to the compact design of the Optotune lens, the overall size of the optical system increases very slightly when you add the lens to the filter thread of a conventional lens (or in-between the camera and the conventional lens).

Adapt your set-up easily to changing optical requirements whilst providing the ability to fit your optical system into small spaces.

Effortless optical adjustments

The Optotune lens is simply screwed on the filter thread of your conventional lens or between the camera and the conventional lens. This means you avoid using any further tools or devices

Integrate the Optotune lens into your set-up within minutes whilst minimising the number of components used (and the risk of non-working parts).


  • Response time: between 2 ms and 5 ms
  • Clear aperture: 10 mm or 16 mm

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