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Qioptiq d.fine HR-M

Enlarging lenses for full-frame sensors and line scan cameras

With an image circle of up to 62.4 mm, Qioptiq's d.fine HR-M range of enlarging lenses delivers consistent imaging performance right to the edge making them ideal for full-frame sensors and line scan cameras. The large apertures optimise light throughput and minimise cycle times, which is critical in industrial environments. Ultra-fine resolution to the corners of the field of view ensures consistent imaging performance across full-frame sensors and 16K long-line sensors with pixel sizes down to 3.5 µm.

Two different magnification versions are available per focal length. The best possible image quality and price/performance ratio are achieved for each range of magnification.

Reasons to choose Qioptiq d.fine HR-M series

Large aperture for maximum light throughput

Due to the large aperture with high light throughput, short exposure times can be achieved. This enables a high level of efficiency in industrial inspection applications.

Flexible adaptation to other cameras

Combined with Qioptiq's new flexible focusing and mounting modules, the lens series can be connected to almost any industrial camera, enabling optimal performance for a wide range of machine vision applications.


  • Image circle diameter: 62.4
  • Magnification: 0.06x to 0.2x
  • Aperture: 2.8
  • Filter thread: M77 x 0.75
  • Working distance: 570 - 2003 mm
  • Pixel size: down to 3.5 µm
  • Focal length: 50 mm and 80 mm

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QIOPTIQ D.FINE HR-M 80 0.09X New model

Macro lens for for image circle diameter 62.4

  • Magnification 0,09 x
  • Aperture 2.8
  • Focal length 80.2 ...

QIOPTIQ D.FINE HR-M 80 0.2X New model

Macro lens for for image circle diameter 62.4 mm

  • Magnification 0,2 x
  • Aperture 2.8
  • Focal length 80 ...
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