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Smart Vision Lights Color Box

Multicolour test lights for the lab

The Smart Vision Lights Color Box multicolour lights are an important testing tool to determine which light colours work best on a given vision application. Great for field testing or in a vision lab and easy to use due to the push buttons for the desired colours.

Materials respond to colour/wavelength in different ways. Sometimes the only way to know the colour or wavelength that works best is testing different colour lights. Purchasing a LED light for each colour can be very expensive - the Colorbox provides the same functionality for about 10% of the cost. Currently 3 different versions are available.

Reasons to choose the Smart Vision Lights Color Box

Easy to handle

The Color Box offers an easy way to determine which wavelength is best to solve a given application, both in the lab or on a test site.

Wavelength configurations for any application

Three different wavelength configurations cover a wide spectrum of applications: standard LEDs (white, red, blue, green, IR 850 nm and UV 395 nm), UV (365 and 395 nm) or SWIR (from 940 nm up to 1550 nm)

Cordless use

The lithium ion battery with integrated charger allows flexible use without cabling during up to 2 hours.


  • Colour: three colour mixes available (standard, UV, SWIR)
  • I/O: manual push button for LED on/off
  • Power supply: lithium ion battery with integrated charger, universal power adapter included with interchangeable input pins (UL, UK, VDE, SAA)  

Markets and Applications

The Color Box is a dedicated development that targets test setups in a lab or on-site.

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Model Lighting technique Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution
SVL COLOR BOX S75-SCB-EURO frontlight spotlight Red, Green, Blue, White, UV, IR direct
SVL COLOR BOX S75-SCB-SWIR-EURO frontlight spotlight IR direct
SVL COLOR BOX S75-SCB-UV-EURO frontlight spotlight UV direct
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Smart Vision Lights Color Box SWIR
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