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Smart Vision Lights LXE300

Direct connection linear lights with new housing and multi-drive function

The LXE300 Linear Light is the most advanced linear light from Smart Vision Lights. It includes the multi-drive driver, allowing users to operate the linear light in continuous operation or overdrive strobe (high-pulse operation) mode. The 1-10 V analogue control provides total control over the light's intensity in continuous mode.

Up to 6 LXE300 lights can be connected directly along their longitudinal axis to form a variable length light bar. Alternatively, they can be daisy-chained using a locking jumper cable with 5 pin M12 connectors. The LXE300 Linear Light is rated for IP65.

Reasons to use the Smart Vision Lights LXE300 series

Flexible length by chaining up to 6 modules

The ability to directly connect up to six LXE300 lights allows for creating ultra-long linear lights at a fraction of the cost of traditional monolithic solutions - without any loss in uniformity. Daisy-chaining the lights by means of a cable connection allows the custom positioning of the single bars.

Made for rough industrial environments

The IP65 rating permits use in harsh environment without the need of additional housing. This reduces costs, but also allows a more flexible integration into the machine. The 5 pin M12 connector provides a stable and quick industry-grade connection.

Integrated driver

Built-in multi-drive allows the light to work in continuous operation or overdrive mode. The 1-10V analogue control line gives the user total control over intensity in the continuous mode. The user simply sets the product parameters to the maximum allowed intensity, according to the datasheet. The integrated driver makes it easy to trigger the illumination by using the strobe-out signal of the camera.

Various wavelengths available

The LXE300 Linear Light exists in a number of standard wavelengths: white (6500 K), blue (470 nm), green (530 nm), red (625 nm), IR (850 nm) and IR (940 nm). Additional wavelengths - especially for SWIR - are available upon request.


  • Colour: white, blue, green, red, IR (850 nm) and IR (940 nm)
  • Features: direct connect linear light, multi-drive technology
  • Dimensions: 305 mm x 52 mm x 42 mm

Markets and Applications

This is a general purpose illumination product fitting a wide range of applications. It's IP65 protection makes it particularly suitable for applications with elevated protection requirements. The option to directly connect several lights predestines it for sheet goods and fabrics.

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Model Lighting technique Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution Beam angle
SVL BAR LIGHT LXE300-470 frontlight bar light Blue direct narrow
SVL BAR LIGHT LXE300-530 frontlight bar light Green direct narrow
SVL BAR LIGHT LXE300-625 frontlight bar light Red direct narrow
SVL BAR LIGHT LXE300-850 frontlight bar light IR direct narrow
SVL BAR LIGHT LXE300-940 frontlight bar light IR direct narrow
SVL BAR LIGHT LXE300-WHI frontlight bar light White direct narrow
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Smart Vision Lights LXE300
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