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Teledyne DALSA Falcon4

Ultra high resolution, high speed CMOS camera

Teledyne DALSA’s Falcon4 is available with both colour and monochrome CMOS sensors, featuring exceptional high resolutions and fast frame rates.

This provides high speed imaging capabilities with superb spatial resolution, combined with optimum image quality. Global shuttering and correlated double sampling ensure smear free and low noise images. These features make the Falcon4 the best match for applications like aerial imaging, where throughput, resolution and high pixel capacity are crucial.

The Falcon4 camera is compliant with GenICam and CameraLink HS (CLHS), and delivers 12 or 16 bit image data. In addition, the M95 thread opening allows for a wide choice of lens configurations.

Reasons to select the Teledyne DALSA Falcon4

Overall increase in system performance

The Falcon4 incorporates CMOS sensors with very large resolutions of 86 MP and can handle fast frame rates of up to 16 fps. These can give an improved image resolution within the same field of view or allows the field of view to be increased. In aerial imaging applications, less passes for covering the same area are necessary, so larger areas can be scanned in a single flight.

Enhanced system reliability by design

The Falcon4 features a global shutter CMOS sensor with correlated double sampling, instead of a rolling shutter CMOS, full frame CCD sensors or pixel shift sensors that other high resolution cameras are using. This removes the necessity for a mechanical shutter or pixel shift technology (piezo). By avoiding these electromechnical elements parts that potentially show wear, the reliability and product life time increases.

Secure data transmission technology with high speed

The Falcon4 ensures reliable data transmission by using the CamerLink HS (CLHS) interface in combination with Teledyne DALSA's trigger-to-image reliability (T2IR) safeguard. This provides up to 2.7 GByte/s with 16 bit image data over a single cable. CLHS offers data resend and single bit error correction by design. Combined with Teledyne DALSA’s Xtium frame grabber, T2IR can be used for monitoring, diagnostics, track and trace, as well as buffering to prevent data loss.

Superior quality as a competitve advantage

Exceptional product quality for high speed, high resolution systems is a competitive advantage per se. However using hardware developed for increased reliability like the Falcon4, also results in less service calls and maintenance. Reducing hardware complexity simplifies design-in and maintenance, rendering an imaging solution more competitive.


  • Sensor: 86 MPixel CMOS sensor with global shutter, available both as monochrome and colour model
  • Frame rate: up to 16 fps
  • Bit depth: 10 or 12 bit selectable output
  • Lens mount: M95
  • I/O: CameraLink HS (CX4), 12-Pin Hirose IO
  • Interface: CLHS interface and GenICam compliant
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 70.5 mm

Markets and Applications

  • Mapping and power line monitoring in aerial image acquisition applications
  • Surveillance solutions, such as high resolution observation of critical infrastructure
  • Distant wind turbine blade inspection
  • High performance surface inspection tasks like defect pixel checks on flat panel displays
  • 3D Metrology solutions

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DALSA FALCON4 FA-S0-86M16 MONO 86.4 16.0 CameraLink HS M95 x 1 CMOS 10720 8064 Teledyne DALSA Medium format
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