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Xenics Wildcat

High performance InGaAs camera with low noise and high dynamic range

The Wildcat series is made on basis of a Xenics inhouse developed InGaAs detector. The cameras can be offered both in CameraLink and in USB3 Vision, coming with a full frame rate of up to 220 Hz.

The Xeneth software with an SDK and a Graphical User Interface allows easy set-up and control of infrared cameras and acquisition of images.

Reasons to choose the Xenics Wildcat

Proven USB3 Vision interface

High data throughput using the USB3 Vision interface. Easy to integrate in your system using standard USB3 components and a comfortable configuration of the camera via the GenICam interface. Thanks to the standardized industrial imaging interface, a wide variety of vision software can be used for data processing.

Simplified integration into tight spaces

The small housing allows the design of very compact OEM and multi camera solutions. The integration into existing systems with restricted space availability for machine vision components is simplified.

Excellent image quality through thermoelectric cooling

The thermoelectric cooling together with the highly sophisticated Xenics in-house developed detector and ROIC design ensures that the sensor has excellent low noise and low dark current characteristics and provides very high quality images.

High dynamic range for perfect images

For scenes with very bright and very dark parts within the field of view, the Xenics detectors with high dynamic range extend the dynamic range of the camera significantly and allow to acquire scenes with a high dynamic range with one image acquisition only.

Xeneth: Graphical user interface to setup, control, record and measure temperature

Xeneth is a graphical user interface that allows for easy set-up and control of infrared cameras and acquisition of images. All IR camera control settings such as integration time, AD settings, detector temperature and gain can be optimised by the user.

Nearly all settings can be uploaded to the cameras after their configuration for a smooth standalone operation with e.g. 3rd party machine vision applications.

The standard software is supplied, for free, with every Xenics camera for easy set-up and control of the camera.


  • InGaAs area scan camera with 20 µm pixel pitch
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • Resolution: 640 x 512 pixels
  • TE cooled and stabilized
  • Spectral range 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm
  • Interface: USB3 Vision or CameraLink
  • Camera Configuration: fully GenICam compliant; using Xenics Xeneth Software or any SDK

Markets and Applications

  • Machine Vision
  • Safety & Security
  • Scientific & Advanced Research
  • Process Monitoring

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XENICS WILDCAT-640-20-100-CL 0.3 110.0 CameraLink M42 x 1, C-Mount InGaAs 640 512 Xenics
XENICS WILDCAT-640-20-100-USB 0.3 110.0 USB M42 x 1, C-Mount InGaAs 640 512 Xenics
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Xenics-Wildcat-640 | 2021/06
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