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Z-Laser ZFSM

Fibre coupled lasers for industry with maximum line quality

The Z-Laser ZFSM laser series offers demanding customers new levels of optical quality with respect to the projected patterns. Laser lines down to a thickness of 6 µm (1/e²) and nearly perfect Gaussian distribution in the cross section can be realised.

Using a glass fibre, the small remote head of the laser can be decoupled from the electronics and be mounted in compact machines with limited space. An active cooling system is integrated in the housing to guarantee an optimal performance.

Reasons to select Z-Laser ZFSM

High precision line uniformity

The ZFSM series provides a unique line uniformity with deviations less than +/- 5%. This exceptional low value is accompanied by a low boresight error of less than 3 mrad.

Available in a variety of wavelengths and intensities

All ZFSM lasers are available in 450, 520, 640, 660 and 785 nm. ZFSM lasers are also available in a variety of intensities up to 50 mW, depending on the wavelength. Both properties render the ZFMS a standard illumination solution for a broad range of lighting and image processing applications.

Flexible hardware configuration options

The Z-laser ZFSM series is either delivered in a housing or alternatively in an open housing version for OEM customers. Single- as well as multi-mode fibers with FC/PC connectors can be supplied.

Engineered for medical applications

As the ZFSM is particularly tailored to medical applications, it's laser class (3R and 3B) has been certified according to IEC 60601-2-22, while the software conform to IEC 62304.


  • Wavelength: blue (450 nm), green (520 nm), red (640 and 660 nm) and IR (785 nm)
  • Light conduction: glass fibre with remote head, length 450 mm
  • Output power: up to 50 mW (model dependent depending)
  • Lens: various projection patterns
  • Working distance: 20 mm to approx. 150 mm (microlens), fixfocus +/- 10%, 150 mm to approx 2 m (standard lens), focusable
  • I/O: analog and TTL modes, up to 200 kHz (model dependent)
  • Certifications: Laser class 3R and 3B (IEC 60601-2-22), software (IEC 62304)

Markets and Applications

  • 3D Laser Triangulation
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Metrology systems
  • Medical applications