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Midwest Optical Systems

A manufacturer of custom precision optical components and imaging solutions since 1988, Midwest Optical Systems - MidOpt - is recognised as the world's leading resource for offthe-shelf and custom machine vision filters, lenses and accessories used in industrial imaging applications.

MidOpt has an extensive history in optical component design, fabrication and inspection, and continues to develop innovative new products for industrial imaging that are simply not found elsewhere. Industries served: machine vision, security, surveillance, LPR, scientific, bio-medical and NDVI. MidOpt's complete line of filters covers the visible, near-infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. They represent the easiest, most cost-effective method for ensuring the stability and repeatability of industrial imaging systems. MidOpt filters are rugged, environmentally stable, heat/solvent resistant, non-hydroscopic and include anti-reflection coatings to maximise transmission.

MidOpt offers the largest variety of threaded filter mount sizes found anywhere ranging from M13.25 to M105. MidOpt filters can be quickly fastened to any imaging system with the appropriate mounting solution. Any MidOpt filter type can also be provided as an unmounted filter; custom shapes and sizes are available.

MidOpt Ultraviolet Block Filters that Protect Your Lens
  • Protect lenses from dust and scratches in harsh industrial environments
  • Anti-reflective coatings to maximize transmission available
  • Various mount options
MidOpt Ultraviolet Bandpass Filters for UV Imaging
  • Pass selective ultra-violet wavelength ranges
  • For applications that involve imaging at UV wavelengths
  • Various mount options
MidOpt Colour Shortpass Filters
  • Let shorter wavelengths pass while blocking longer ones
  • Improve contrast and resolution
  • Separate colours in black and white
  • Also useful for colour applications

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