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Founded in 1950, Tamron started with developing interchangeable lenses for reflex cameras.

The experience gained in designing and manufacturing these products over a long period has led to an exceptional capability in design and production of C-mount and CS-mount lenses for machine vision applications.

Based on technological knowledge and innovative production technology, Tamron now designs and produces lenses for video camcorders and photo cameras, CCTV lenses as well as ultra-precision components for optical systems. Due to the excellent quality and high accuracy, Tamron lenses are well suited for a wide range of industrial vision applications.



Tamron M23FM 

Ultra high-performance C-mount lenses for 2/3" sensors

Tamron Varifocal

Varifocal lenses ideally suited for applications with an unknown or changing working distance or field of view

Tamron M111FM 

High resolution C-mount lenses for 1.1" sensors with a 3.1 microns pixel pitch

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Tamron M118 FM06 Data sheets 883.9 KB
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Tamron M118 FM16 Data sheets 280.2 KB
Tamron M118 FM25 Data sheets 261.3 KB
Tamron M118 FM50 Data sheets 275.6 KB
Tamron M118 lenses Data sheets 491.1 KB
Tamron M23FM lenses Data sheets 1.5 MB

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New compact 5 Mpixel resolution fixed focal length lenses


Tamron has introduced a range of compact (29 mm diameter) fixed focal length lenses that support 5 Mpixel resolution for 1/1.2” image sensors. The small diameter makes these lenses ideally suited to use with the latest ultra-compact cameras in situations where space is limited. The excellent resistance to shock and vibration as well as their metal mounts and components offer the ruggedness required in factory automation applications.

High resolution lenses offer improved image quality


STEMMER IMAGING is adding further options to its range of high resolution lenses for machine vision with 9, 10 and 12 Megapixel lenses from Ricoh, Tamron and Kowa.

Tamron complements 6 megapixel lens series


Tamron introduced the M23FM lens series for 2/3“ high-resolution cameras in autumn 2013. Now four additional models with shorter focal lengths complement the powerful lineup.

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