Training for experts and users of machine vision

Optics and Illumination Systems for Machine Vision

An optimised optics and illumination set-up can significantly improve the performance of your machine vision system.

The two-day intensive course offers in-depth theoretical knowledge and extensive laboratory phases give you the opportunity to try out optics, filters and illumination to find solutions for many tasks.

Training: Optics and Illumination Systems for Machine Vision (2 days)

Target audience

People new to the machine vision domain who need to plan, design or use machine vision systems. No prior machine vision knowledge is required.


  • Introduction to the basics of industrial illumination technology, strategies for selection of the most suitable illumination
  • Selection of suitable optics and their calculation, optical errors, challenges in measuring
  • Use and application of optical filters, lasers and flash controllers
  • Theoretical introduction and live demonstrations
  • Practical exercises with own sample parts


2 days

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the local training session is 895 EUR and 795 EUR for the online training (excl. VAT ).

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