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Imaging-PC with real-time timing- and lighting control

21 May 2010

Designed specially as the perfect companion to GigE Vision and FireWire cameras, the compact CVS Image Station Mini RT from STEMMER IMAGING combines an Intel ATOM-processor with an extremely powerful real-time timing and lighting controller.

Besides the integrated timing and illumination pulse generators, the system contains a solid state disc, as CPU an Intel ATOM N270@1.6GHz with 1 or 2GB RAM is used. The CVS Image Station Mini RT runs under Windows XP Embedded, alternatively Linux can be used.
The standard system features two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for connection of GigE Vision compatible devices. Optionally it can be delivered with a third GigE-interface or a FireWire 1394 (a or b) interface. Two external USB interfaces and one external RS232 interface plus keyboard and mouse connection are available. The system supports VGA-resolutions up to 1920x1200 pixel and works with an EMC secured operating power of 18 to 48 VDC. As far as outputs are concerned, the system offers all necessary supply voltages for camera, illumination, external light -barriers and triggers. It is also possible to connect an A/B-coded encoder for linescan cameras. The robust aluminium housing has dimensions of 214 x 156 x 77 mm³, works fanless and can also be DIN rail mounted.
The unique real-time controller operates separately to the PC providing real- time and deterministic timing for up to 4 area scan cameras or one linescan camera. The 8 high power outputs can be used to drive LED illumination or valves. In addition 2 analogue outputs enable control for motorised lenses. The system offers numerous interfaces including four configurable trigger inputs. With an in-built result shift register up to 1024 results @8 bits deep are supported. Modes include time shift, encoder shift and FIFO und provide a result ID for synchronising of controller and PC results. The real-time controller can be configured via a graphical interface or a DLL.
With so much power and such a small size the CVS Image Station Mini RT is the perfect basis for real-time applications in connection with GigE Vision or FireWire cameras. The unit is ideal at re-synchronising non deterministic image processing with real-time manufacturing processes. It presents itself as a GigE Vision compliant device, so that any GigE?Vision compliant software can control and configure it without the need of an SDK.


Puchheim, Germany

STEMMER IMAGING has been one of the leaders in the machine vision market since 1987. It is one of Europe's largest technology providers in this field. In 1997 STEMMER IMAGING presented Common Vision Blox (CVB), a powerful programming library for fast and reliable development and implementation of vision solutions, which has been deployed successfully throughout the world in more than 80,000 imaging applications in various industries.