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Robust GigE cables

21 May 2010

Do you need gigabit Ethernet cables for your industrial machine vision application? Then we can offer you a robust solution with our industrial Ethernet robotics cable series "IND line"!

Besides the standard CAT6 cables and CAT5e cables, we can now also offer you a high-quality robot-friendly CAT6 data cables for industrial use. The basic version of these cables with direct RJ45 connectors have potted connector types with horizonal or vertical screw fixings to provide a robust camera connection. If compared to the standard version with clip connection, these screw fixings prevent unintended loosening of the connectors. At the same time the status LEDs remain visible.
Along with these structural advantages, our IND cables meet the highest requirements for torsion and bending loads, making them ideal for use with multi-axis robots with up to six axes. The outer sheath is made from polyurethane which guarantees a high level of mechanical resistance with respect to notch strength and scuff resistance. It also ensures sound thermal resilience, resistance to oil and coolant as well as high resistance to UV light. Moreover, the cable is UI certified, free of paint-wetting impairment substances and has a halogen-free sheathing.
We can also fulfil customer-specific demands and implement a wide range of bespoke cable lengths. For quality assurance purposes, our specialists subject every manufactured cable to a certified cable check before delivery, which can be traced back by means of the serial number of the cable and the corresponding measurement report. Thus, we can ensure that you receive your cables in a flawless condition and to your precise specifications.

GigE Vision

GigE Vision cable variations for machine vision applications


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