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CVC Ultra: Up to 125 Million Pixels

16 Mar 2011

CVC Ultra 125MP BW CL and CVC Ultra 45MP COL CL are our new high-resolution area scan cameras which offer a resolution of 125 and 45 million pixels respectively.

Maximum resolution in a compact housing with only (55 x 55 x 84.5) mm³ edge length, C-Mount connection, all at an excellent price-performance ratio - those are the main features of the new CVC Ultra 125MP BW CL and Ultra 45MP COL CL. The impressive resolution is achieved via so-called pixel-shift technology using a piezo element whereby a Sony sensor with 5 million pixels is shifted horizontally and vertically for fractions of a pixel in rapid succession. This results in capturing a sequence of images which is processed into a high-resolution image by interpolation on the host PC.

At full resolution of 125 million pixels the monochrome variant offers a frame rate of 0.516 images per second. The camera achieves 1.43 images per second at 45 MPix resolution and 15 images/s at 5 Mpix. In the 3-CCD mode the colour variant CVC Ultra 45 MP COL CL achieves 3.12 images/s, at 5 and 45 MPix it offers the same values as the monochrome camera. The desired camera resolution can be set using the supplied operating software. The mentioned 3-CCD mode at 5 MPix resolution is of special interest: this mode allows full R, G and B pixel coverage for detailed images without colour fringing at the edges.

The image data is transferred via CameraLink Base at 8 or 10 Bits. To facilitate easy integration and to generate high-resolution images we provide sample applications with source code for Teledyne DALSA X64-CL and Xcelera-CL PX4 image capture cards. We would be pleased to advise you on the optimum combination of camera and frame grabber.

CVC Ultra cameras are suitable for all applications requiring extreme resolution, for example, all types of surface analysis, the inspection of printed circuit boards, or documentation tasks.


Puchheim, Germany

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