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Natural disaster in Japan [Update: 09 06 2011]

9 Jun 2011

Manufacturing facilities and transportation routes of our suppliers operating in Japan such as JAI, CCS and Pentax, are intact. However, due to the extremely difficult situation in Japan, it is not foreseeable to fully understand to what extent the supply chain has been affected or delayed.

Current information
We are doing everything possible to keep you up to date with this information as far as possible. Our site is updated regularly!

To guarantee our customers the best possible delivery, we have placed orders with our suppliers to increase our inventory on crucial components. We are doing everything possible to fulfil our commitments and serve you reliably as usual.

Current deliveries [Update: 09 06 2011]
Due to the disaster in Japan, the listet products can not be delivered any longer or can only be shipped with large delays which are currently not specified.

Lens CVO SIGMA 24-70/2,8 EX DG MACRO
Warehouse and production facilities have been destroyed. Shipment of a remainder is still possible!

Lenses Nikon Nikkor F2.0/35, AF-Nikkor F1.4/50, AF-Nikkor F1.8/50
Shipment is delayed for an undefined time.

Micro-head camera Toshiba IK-UM51H
Due to logistical problems shipment is delayed for an undefined time.


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