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Choice of Training Courses Increased

30 Jul 2011

The new training centre of STEMMER IMAGING has been received very positively since its opening about eight months ago. We are now extending our range of training courses to include training by the manufacturing companies Silicon Software and LMI.

For several years now, our training director Lars Fermum has been conducting regular training on basic topics, for example on optics and illumination systems. Product-oriented training supplemented by theoretical knowledge, for example on Cognex's intelligent in-sight cameras or our Common Vision Blox software library, are a second element of our training.

Applet Programming with Silicon Software

Starting in the autumn, we will extend our concept and offer even more detailed training, organised jointly with our manufacturers. We will start with a series of training courses with our partner Silicon Software, which will focus on the benefits and opportunities of applet programming. For this course offer, we have initially scheduled two dates, 21 September and 29 November.

Gocator 3D sensors from LMI

For the Gocator 3D sensors from LMI, we will also offer new training courses from October, which will take place jointly with a product specialist from LMI. As the first date for this series, we have scheduled 11 October.


Puchheim, Germany

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