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FPGA Programming: CVB drivers for VisualApplets

29 Jul 2011

A special CVB2011 driver for Silicon Software products now also allows access to the VisualApplets parameters.

This enables users to control pre-processing on the FPGA of the frame grabber card from their own CV program. This very convenient method is made available via the GenAPIGrid and is based on STEMMER IMAGING's own GenICam developments.

Common Vision Blox Uses Pre-processed Image

This new development closes a gap in implementation: Although it used to be possible to load an applet permanently to the frame grabber and use, for example, the pre-processed image in the Common Vision Blox, the user was not able to affect the applet parameters in this way. The new CVB driver has now solved the previous situation innovatively, using modern approaches.

Silicon Software Visual Applets

Graphical oriented tool for easy FPGA programming

Silicon Software

Mannheim, Germany

Silicon Software GmbH was founded in 1997 as a product development and manufacturing company with focus on the automation and machine vision markets. Headquarters are located in Mannheim, Germany where Silicon Software develops and produces off-the-shelf and customised OEM hardware and software solutions.