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Tamron M118 Lenses: Also for Close-Up

29 Jul 2011

The Tamron series M118 does not exhibit any deterioration in functionality when used in close-up situations, and can also be used to their maximum performance in macro applications.

The M118 lens series from Tamron is a well-established, high resolution lens family suitable for sensors up to 1/1.8”. All the focal length models 8, 16, 25 and 50mm, not only have excellent resolving power but also have significantly lower mass than their predecessors. This coupled with their robust construction make these lenses ideal for high vibration installations or applications where the camera is required to move repeatedly such as in robot vision type applications.

Reduced Minimum Working Distance

One feature of these lenses that is often overlooked is their short minimum working distance. This has been reduced from 300 or 500mm in the previous generation, to 100mm for some of the family. This is exceptionally useful when retrofitting camera systems to machines with headroom constraint.


Köln, Germany

Founded in 1950, Tamron started with developing interchangeable lenses for reflex cameras.