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Pentax PAIR: Image interference reduction

19 Oct 2011

The new Pentax PAIR technology (Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction) reduces image interference caused by particles in the air – such as fog, rain, sand, smoke or snow – and heat haze.

In addition to the image correction the lenses can be controlled remotely via RS232C. Models equipped with this technology can be focussed and zoomed, and even the aperture and the 2.5x Extender can be remotely controlled.

Reliable Autofocus for CCTV Colour Cameras

The software also enables the activation of a reliable autofocus via a single mouse click. This feature represents a major benefit in the super-tele range where the depth of field is typically narrow. Thanks to the open nature of the full command set and its RS232C implementation it is primed for simple integration and custom applications. It is also compatible to standard CCTV colour cameras.

Pentax PAIR: New Imaging Lenses

Pentax utilises the PAIR technology in their new H55ZAME-F-PR01 and H55ZAME-F-PR02 systems.


Hamburg, Germany

Since 1919 the Asahi Optical Co. has been producing optical components. In 1951 production of CCTV lenses was started, firstly under the brand name Cosmicar and later as Pentax.