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Gocator 1100 and 1300: 3D laser distance sensors

21 Mar 2013

A range of Gocator 3D smart laser distance sensors has been introduced by LMI Technologies.

The new Gocator 1100 and 1300 models are perfectly suited for fast and precise distance measurements and for surface inspection. The new LMI products offer the same easy handling as the Gocator 2000 and 2300 series: a pre-installed web server allows user-friendly and simple configuration through a web browser without installing additional software.

Currently the Gocator 1100 and 1300 models are available in seven versions and cover a measuring range of 20 to 2000 mm. They differ in their maximum scan rates, the Gocator 1100 models offer a maximum scan rate of 10 kHz, the Gocator 1300 models a scan rate of 32 kHz. All Gocator sensors are designed for stand-alone operation and do not require any additional PCs or controllers. Gocator systems can effortlessly scale to multiple sensors using LMI Master hubs. Gocator’s small footprint makes it ideal for fitting into tight spaces and mounting onto robotic arms. All Gocator 1100 and 1300 models are manufactured with a new black anodisation providing a better heat dissipation and a higher mechanical resistance.


Burnaby, Canada

LMI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of non-contact 3D smart sensors for inline factory automation, quality inspection, and material optimisation applications.