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Graphical hardware programming with VisualApplets 2

17 Jun 2013

Silicon Software’s VisualApplets is now available in version 2.0. The graphical development environment for programming FPGA processors has been greatly extended in functionality and the handling of the software simplified.

The simulation has become more comfortable with import and export functions. Estimation of FPGA resources is now available for overall design as well as design components and individual image processing operators. Error analysis and troubleshooting are now closely linked to offer a comfortable visual debugging.

Optimised operators

The operators of all image processing libraries are optimised for higher performance. In addition new operators have been integrated into the development environment. In this way the designs programmed with VisualApplets are much more efficient. The operator parameterisation has been further simplified. The user library – where users can create own libraries and use them modularly – has been completely redesigned and offers a high ease of use and new features designed for teamwork. A completely redesigned, comprehensive documentation provides information for all audiences - from a quick start tutorial with many examples to a detailed operator reference. The documentation is context-sensitive and also accessible from the program user interface.

Easy access to hardware programming

The VisualApplets application scope ranges from simple filtering to complex image processing designs with individual signal processing. Over 200 real-time operators from 13 image processing libraries can be used for programming. VisualApplets has been successfully used on framegrabbers for many years now and provides software developers with easy access to hardware programming.

Regular workshops on FPGA programming

Silicon Software products for image acquisition are available from all STEMMER IMAGING subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The company regularly offers workshops on FPGA programming with VisualApplets. For more information please refer to support/training.

Silicon Software

Mannheim, Germany

Silicon Software GmbH was founded in 1997 as a product development and manufacturing company with focus on the automation and machine vision markets. Headquarters are located in Mannheim, Germany where Silicon Software develops and produces off-the-shelf and customised OEM hardware and software solutions.