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Reliable packaging of medicinally active ingredients

20 Dec 2017

Sophisticated technology for the pharmaceutical industry and the construction of machines in this sector are among the core competences of Harro Höfliger. Machine vision systems ensure reliable quality inspections at several points in a new plant for the packaging of painkillers.

Teledyne DALSA Spyder3
  • Line scan cameras with linear resolutions of either 1024, 2048 or 4096 pixels
  • 3x more responsivity using selectable dual line
  • GigE-Vision or CameraLink interface
  • High output line lights
  • Extremely high light intensity of max. 400,000 lux
  • Very stable brightness over time
  • Ideally suited for all high speed line scan camera applications
Silicon Software microEnable 4 

Programmable PCIe frame grabber for image capture GigE Vision cameras. With a high data transfer bandwidth it's ideally suited for use with line scan cameras.